Please Bring IN N OUT BURGER® to the East Coast!

If you have experienced IN N OUT Burgers® and you live on the east coast, then you most likely share a common pain and void in your diet.

Unlike our lucky West Coast buddies, us East Coast folk do not have the privilege to consume this delightful meal whenever we please.  It can only be enjoyed on trips to the California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and now Texas.

It is exciting to see the movement eastward with the new restaurants opening up in Texas, but it still feels a million miles away. For most, a trip to Vegas is more likely to come first over a trip to Texas. That being said, the new Texas locations present the deprived east coasters very little value.

It just seems that IN N OUT Burgers® would do so well with one let alone a few East Coast locations.  With 25 million people in the NYC Metro area you can imagine how the size of the line at an IN N OUT Burgers® in Times Square, ok maybe Times Square isn’t the best location example, but you get the idea.

All we want is, the chance to stand at a counter in our home state or a location that is not a plane ride away and say I want a Double-Double®, Animal Style®, Fries and a Coke®, Please.


What Can You Do?

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Sign the Petition & SPR3AD THE WORD!

I want IN N OUT Burger on the East Coast!

I hereby join the movement to bring IN N OUT Burger® to the East Coast (Multiple Locations If Possible).

This petition represents my undying desire for easy access to the best quick serve burger in our country, IN N OUT Burger®.

By singing this petition I pledge that; I want to participate in the joyous activity of dining in your fine establishment. I feel it is unfair that my fellow Americans located on the west coast have been able to experience this since this divine dining experience since the early 1950s. I pledge my recurring patronage to any IN N OUT Burger® Restaurant that opens in my area.
I also pledge to SPR3AD THE WORD about this movement to my friends, family and other fans of IN N OUT Burger®.

We appreciate that you take this request into serious consideration when discussing the company’s future plan for expansion.

Thank You,

[Your Name]
[Your Email]

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